LA VIE PREMIUM 400ML (20 bottles/case)

LA VIE PREMIUM 400ML (20 bottles/case)

Nước khoáng thiên nhiên La Vie Prestige 700ml (12 chai/thùng)


LA VIE NATURAL ALKALINE WATER 750ml (12 bottles/case)

107.000 VNĐ
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La Vie natural alkaline mineral water 750ml with an easy-to-open and convenient sports cap, makes it easy to quench your thirst while playing sports, exercising or doing outdoor activities, suitable for all active lifestyles.

Unlike alkaline ionized water (artificial alkaline water) which is often created from electrolysis technology to make alkaline water by splitting water molecules to change the activity of ions, La Vie is alkaline mineral water created completely naturally by the process of water permeating through geological layers, accumulating natural alkaline minerals (Bicarbonate, Calcium, Sodium, Potassium,...), thereby creating alkalinity for water (pH~8), helping to bring the body back to balance.

With sugar-free & calorie-free, La Vie natural mineral water with 6 essential minerals is a great choice for rehydration but without calories, utterly replacing soft drinks which are containing excessively sugar, helping you maintain a healthy life.

Each bottle of La Vie natural mineral water is bottled at the source & has to go through a quality control process including 12 strict steps according to Nestle's standards, we ensure hygiene regulations to keep the quality & basic mineral compositions of water. That is why La Vie has become the No. 1 mineral water brand in Vietnam*.

*According to AC Nielsen research about volume sales in 2019.

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