Nước khoáng kiềm tự nhiên La Vie 750ml (12 chai/thùng)

LA VIE NATURAL ALKALINE WATER 750ml (12 bottles/case)

Thùng nước Lavie 500ml (24 chai)

LA VIE NATURAL MINERAL WATER 500ml (24 bottles/case)


107.000 VNĐ
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With a modern and unique design, La Vie Prestige natural mineral water 700ml is the ideal product for refreshment, rehydration throughout the day and suitable for all active lifestyles.

With sugar-free & calorie-free, La Vie natural mineral water contains 6 essential minerals is the perfect choice to replace sugary soft drinks, helping you maintain a healthy life.

Each bottle of La Vie natural mineral water is bottled at the source & must go through a quality control process including 12 strict steps according to Nestle's standards, ensuring hygiene regulations to keep the quality & basic mineral compositions of water.
That is why La Vie has become the number 1 mineral water brand in Vietnam*
*According to AC Nielsen reserch about volume sales in 2019

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