At La Vie, prosperity should not come at the cost of nature; progress must be sustainable. 

We are committed to pioneer regeneration of aquatic biodiversity to create a positive impact on the environment, looking toward a healthy planet to ensure healthier life for next generations of Vietnam.

The journey to regenerate aquatic biodiversity

Water is life. Our health and well-being, food security and most economic activities depend on water. The richness and diversity of aquatic ecosystems are very crucial to the life of millions of species on the planet, including human beings. 

Being a leader in the bottled natural mineral water, we understand the importance of water resources. We’re always driven by the responsibility to contribute to preservation and regeneration of aquatic ecosystem biodiversity. 

With our expertise of water resources, together with support from Nestlé and collaboration with partners, we have begun a journey to biodiversity regeneration, focusing on 2 key areas of activity.

Water Regeneration

Ensuring a sustainable and responsible management of water resources. 

Contributing to restoration of quantity and quality of water resources, creating a healthy living environment for species in the ecosystem

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Sustainable Packaging

Nestlé’s global vision is that none of our packaging, including plastics, ends up in landfill or as litter, including in oceans, lakes or rivers.

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