Frequently Asked Questions/FAQs

Question #1 : What are the benefits of natural mineral water?

La Vie natural mineral water is exploited from thousands of years old underground mineral water, located deep underground. Bottling technology at the source helps to keep the full content of trace elements & precious natural minerals of mineral water, including Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Fluoride, Bicarbonate, Iodine.

These are minerals that are very important for the functioning of the body, helping to maintain health & suppleness. Natural minerals in water exist in the form of ions, so they are easily absorbed through the digestive system. In addition, La Vie mineral water has a light mineral content, so it is perfectly suitable for daily refreshment.

Question 2 : What is the quality standard of La Vie natural mineral water?

La Vie's products are produced under a closed process and bottled according to modern technology under the strict supervision of Nestlé Group (Switzerland). Not a single La Vie product leaves the factory without going through extremely rigorous quality control steps. La Vie products meet the quality standards set by the Vietnamese Ministry of Health and comply with all internal standards applied by Nestlé Group globally.

Question 3 :  How old is La Vie natural mineral water source?

La Vie products are exploited from 2 sources: mineral water circuit more than 20,000 years old, located at a depth of about 400 meters underground in Long An province and mineral water more than 4,000 years old in Hung Yen province. The ages of two precious mineral water sources were determined by two independent studies by Antea Group (France) & Vietnam Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology.

Question 4 : How to  preserve products, bottles and equipment?

You need to store the product, the bottle, the device in a clean, dry, cool place, away from direct sunlight, away from strong odors, or chemicals. Empty shells should be kept clean, intact (no cracks/punctures, no moss, no deformation) and free from any liquids or other objects after use.

Question 5 : Why clean equipment & how to clean it properly?

Regular equipment cleaning will help clean the device, keep the water quality intact during use and increase the life of the device. We include instructions for cleaning the device

Instructions for cleaning hot and cold machines

Instructions for cleaning La Vie 19L faucet

Instructions for cleaning porcelain vases

Question 6 : Why does La Vie mineral water when boiled/cook have many white stains?

La Vie natural mineral water has a high content of natural minerals beneficial to health, such as Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Bicarbonate. When boiled for a certain time, some of the minerals in the water will be deposited at the bottom of the cooking appliance. The deposited minerals are completely safe for users; Boiling also does not affect the basic composition of mineral water. You can clean mineralized cooking equipment by using vinegar or lemon juice and rinsing it with clean water.

Question #7 : Does drinking mineral water cause kidney stones?

Drinking enough 2 liters of La Vie natural mineral water every day is good for the body and does not cause kidney stones at all. Scientific studies show that: Drinking enough water, especially natural mineral water containing natural calcium, even helps the kidneys work effectively & reduces the increase of oxalate in the urine, thereby reducing the risk of kidney stones. . It is not drinking enough water, not providing the body with calcium enough for the recommended 1,000mg/day, and eating a lot of oxalate-rich, protein-rich or salt-rich foods that increase the risk of kidney stones, according to doctors. .

Question 8 : What is the difference between natural mineral water, purified water, and bottled water?

Natural mineral water is a source of water accumulated deep in the ground, naturally filtered through sediments for hundreds of years, so it is extremely pure & rich in minerals. This is considered a precious gift from nature. Finding this source of water is very difficult and laborious. La Vie mineral water source is carefully selected and evaluated by the National Mineral Reserve Assessment Council and licensed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

Bottled drinking water (also known as purified water, filtered water) is created from artificial water filtration technology and undergoes many processing steps to remove impurities & microorganisms, but also filtered out all minerals. essential substances. Therefore, Viva bottled water products are maintained with a small amount of minerals to create taste & good for health.

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Question 9 : Why does La Vie mineral water make tea with a different color than pure water (the color of tea is darkened, less attractive than pure water)?

The color of tea water is often affected by the electrical conductivity (mineral content) of the water used to make the tea. The higher the conductivity, the darker the tea color. La Vie natural mineral water has a natural mineral content, so the conductivity is higher than pure water, so the color of the tea will be darker. In addition, in some cases it is normal for the tea itself, depending on the variety, to change color on its own.

Question 10 : Can I use a TDS tester to check and conclude on the quality of La Vie mineral water?

The test method to assess water quality through the TDS test pen (which you use) can't come to any conclusion about water quality, food safety and hygiene. In fact, this method is also not recognized by the State's competent authority in water quality testing. Therefore, the results of this method cannot be used to assess the quality of water produced by La Vie Co., Ltd.

The assessment of the quality of drinking water in general, and La Vie natural mineral water in particular, must comply with the national technical regulations for natural mineral water and bottled water QCVN 6-1:2010/BYT.

In case the conclusion of the 3rd party is needed, the testing methods and conclusions on food hygiene and safety of the accredited or competent laboratories designated by the Ministry of Health are the correct results. and legally valid.