LA VIE NATURAL MINERAL WATER 1.5l (12 bottles/case)

LA VIE NATURAL MINERAL WATER 1.5l (12 bottles/case)

Thùng nước Lavie 350ml (24 chai)

LA VIE NATURAL MINERAL WATER 350ml (24 bottles/case)

LA VIE KID 330ML (24 bottles/case)

165.000 VNĐ
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With a unique and fun design of wild animals, and a compact bottle design that is easy to put in a required bag, La Vie 330ml natural filtered water is a completely bottled drinking water for children to replenish water & 6 quality factors for the body when going to school or going out. Now that the drinking water remains, your baby will drink more water.

Sugar-free & calorie-free, La Vie natural water with 6 essential qualities is the ideal choice to replace soft drinks containing a lot of sugar, so you will definitely have more peace of mind knowing that your baby is your baby. friend. I will have a healthy life.

We know that teaching your kids these healthy things is a big deal for parents, and we want you to understand that we're always competitive to help you get it done. That's why we make sure to always bring you requirements for safe drinking water, with every drop of water going through 12 quality checks according to Nestle's standards.

La Vie is the No. 1 beverage brand in Vietnam *
* According to AC Nielsen about production in 2019

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